Premium Woven Twin Shades

The Twin Woven Shade is a dual shading system that features a classic style bamboo roman shade on the front and a fabric roller shade on the back that can be used to provide contrast or act as a moveable liner. The front roman shade can be made from any of the natural shade patterns shown below. The back roller shade can be made from any premium roller shade fabric be it blackout, light filtering or solar fabric.  To see the available fabrics you can click on the links above or you can click on the "Specifications" Tab below and download the Back Roller Shade Fabric PDF file.

Standard Features: A patented dual headrail system, a 10” Classic Valance, Cord lock controls on the front Roman Shade and Clutch controls on the back Roller Shade.

Production Time: Approximately 8-10 Business Days
Delivery: 3-5 Business Days After Shipment

Available Colors

Pattern Group 1

Pattern Group 2

Pattern Group 3

Pattern Group 4

Pattern Group 5

Product Features

The Twin Shade is a beautiful Natural Woven Shade and a practical Roller Shade all in one unit.

Combining the daytime beauty of a natural woven shade with a movable roller shade lining, the result is 24-hour comfort and design. Far superior to simply mounting a roller shade behind a natural shade.

Twin Shade is all one unit. The roller shade liner is mounted below the natural shade's headrail drastically reducing required mounting depth.
Roller Shade up
Roller Shade down

Classic Roman

The first shade is fabricated in the classic roman style where the shade hangs completely flat when lowered but when raised soft roman folds are formed.

Roller Shade up

With the front shade down and the back shade up, Twin Shade has all the beauty and light-play of an unlined shade.

Both shades down

Then you can lower the back shade for that added degree of privacy and room darkening.

Solar Shade down

With over 150 different choices for the back shade, you can choose your own degree of light control and beauty.

Product Options

Woven Wood Patterns

Front Shade Material
For the front shade, choose from over 170 Natural Woven Shade weaves.

Roller Shade Fabric

Back Shade Roller Fabric
For the back shade you can select from over 320 fabrics in the Premium Roller Shade collection.

Top Down - Bottom Up Roman

Top Down - Bottom Up + Surcharge
Also known as a Duo-Fold Roman Shade, this popular variation of the Classic Roman Shade can be raised from the bottom or lowered from the top. A 6" Classic Valance hangs off the front of the headrail to conceal the shade's hardware. Maximum Width: 84".

UpRight Clutch lift System

UpRight Clutch lift System - Free Option
The cord loop makes it easy to raise and lower larger shades. The continuous chain eliminates dangling cords.

Edge Accent Colors
The UpRight Lift System is supplied with a tie down that eliminates the loop's hazards.

Cordless Roman

Cordless One-Stop - Free Option
No more ugly dangling pull cords. No more difficult to operate cord locks. Just a simple concealed pull ring that activates the Cordless ONE Controls.

Edge Accents

Privacy/Blackout Lining + Surcharge
Available in privacy or blackout - with a neutral appearance to the outside.

  • Quality Roclon® lining is used on all lined shades.
  • Lining is available on all Premium Bamboo Shades and the Accordion Folding Door.

Edge Accents

Edge Accents / Valance Ties + Surcharge
For Edge Accents a 2" wide strip of fabric is laminated to the top, bottom and both sides of the shade and valance. Edge Accents are applied to the front of the shade only. To see the available colors click here.

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Product/Hardware Standard Cord-Lock Duo-Fold Cordless-One Clutch Control
Minimum Width 21" 21" 21" 21"
Maximum Width 96" 84" 96" 96"
Minimum Height 24" 24" 24" 24"
Maximum Height 96" 96" 96" 96"

Headrail Size

Twin Shades constructed with a 3-1/2" top headrail:

  • All Outside Mounted Twin Shades
  • IM Twin Shades over 72" x 72"
  • All Twin Shades with Clutch Control on Front Shade

Twin Shades constructed with a 2-1/2" top headrail:

  • Inside Mounted Twin Shades under 72" x 72" that do not have Clutch Control on the Front Shade.
Headrail Size

Minimum Inside Mounting Depth:

  • Shades up to 72" x 72" = 3"
  • Shades over to 72" x 72" = 4"
  • Shades with UpRight = 4"
  • Shades with Cordless One = 4"

Installation Brackets

2" SCREWS are standard for all Inside Mounted shades except Cordless Shades. They are simply screwed straight up through the headrail.

FOOTLESS BRACKETS ("FB") are an alternative Inside Mount (IM) installation bracket and are standard for IM Cordless Shades.

EXTENDED NEW YORK BRACKETS ("XNY") are used for Outside Mounted (OM) Twin Shades due to the larger headrail size, not to increase the shade's distance from the wall.

Available Patterns

  • The front shade may be ordered in any of the Natural Shade Patterns found on this page.
  • The back shade may be ordered in any fabric from our premium roller/solar shade fabrics.

Valance and Returns

  • All Twin Shades will have a 10" long valance.
  • Outside Mount Twin Shades will have Deluxe valance returns.
  • Inside Mount Twin Shades are constructed without returns.

Measuring Notes


  • The headrail and valance will be approximately 1" wider than the front shade on each side.
  • The front shade will be the exact width ordered.
  • The back shade will also be the exact width ordered.


  • The headrail and valance will only be 1/8" narrower than the exact width ordered. Measure the inside width at the top of the window where the headrail will be mounted.
  • The front shade will be 3/4" narrower than the headrail on the control side and 1/4" narrower on the opposite side.
  • The back shade will be 3/4" narrower than the front shade on each side.


Available options for the front shade:

  • Cordless ONE Controls®
  • Clutch Controls
  • Lining
  • Edge Accents Banding
  • Duo-Fold (Top-Down / Bottom-Up)

Options NOT available on a Twin Shade: Waterfall Style, Hobbled Style, Mitered Headrails, Turned Headrails, Multiple Shades on One Headrail, Contempo Scallops, Spring Roller Controls, Decorative Pulls and Motorization.

Stacking Dimensions

Height To: 36" 48" 60" 72" 84" 96"
Stack To: 13" 15" 16" 17" 18" 19"

Planning Guides

PDF Icon Back Roller Shade Fabric This guide provides examples of all the roller shade fabrics that are available for the back roller shade. If you want to see larger examples or order samples you can do so by clicking on one of the following links: Blackout, Light Filtering or Solar Fabric.
PDF Icon Edge Accents / Valance Ties This guide contains all of the colors that are available for Edge Accents and Valance Ties. The file may load slowly because there are 361 soft treatment fabric colors.

Self Help

Please remember that this is a do-it-yourself site and that the products on it are custom-built to your specifications and cannot be returned for any reason other than warranty repair/service. If you have any questions or concerns please email us before you order and we'll help you in any way we can.