Premium Classic Soft Roman Shades

This version of a traditional flat roman shade has concealed support rods at every pleat to fold neater and lie flatter than other flat shades. Classic Roman shades work well with most fabrics. This shade style is highly recommended for fabrics with a pattern.

  • All products exceed CPSC child safety guidelines.
  • American Made & Custom-Built to order.
  • Factory Direct Limited Lifetime
  • Warranty Ships within 8-10 Business Days.

Production Time: Approximately 8-10 Business Days
Delivery: 3-5 Business Days After Shipment

Available Colors

Fabric Group 1

Fabric Group 2

Fabric Group 3

Fabric Group 4

Fabric Group 5

Product Features

This version of a traditional flat roman shade has support rods at every pleat to fold neater and lie flatter than other flat shades. The shade waterfalls off the front of the headrail and the controls are hidden behind the shade.

Quick Benefits

  • Premium Pine Headrail, wrapped in matching fabric (1-1/2" depth x 3/4" height)
  • Ivory or White Premium Rain Repellent Lining (workroom matches)
  • Color Coordinating Cords & Tassels
  • Cordlock & Pulley Controls
  • American-made in Waukegan, Illinois.
  • Products conform with published C.P.S.C. child safety guidelines.
  • Factory direct warranty.

Free Options

  • Turned Headrail (when applicable).
  • Pull cord on left or right side of shade.
  • Cordless ONE Controls
  • UpRight Controls
  • Duo-Fold (Top Down/Bottom Up)
  • Hidden Support Rod
  • Premium Rain-Repellent Lining
  • Back Valance on Waterfall Shade
Soft Classic Roman Style

Product Options

Top Down - Bottom Up Roman

Top Down - Bottom Up - Free Option
Also known as a Duo-Fold Roman Shade, this popular variation of the Classic Roman Shade can be raised from the bottom or lowered from the top. A 6" Classic Valance hangs off the front of the headrail to conceal the shade's hardware.

Maximum Width: 84".

Cordless Roman

Cordless One-Stop - Free Option
No more ugly dangling pull cords. No more difficult to operate cord locks. Just a simple concealed pull ring that activates the Cordless ONE Controls.

UpRight Clutch lift System

UpRight Clutch lift System - Free Option
The cord loop makes it easy to raise and lower larger shades. The continuous chain eliminates dangling cords.

Tie Downs

The UpRight Lift System is supplied with a tie down that eliminates the loop's hazards.

Classic Valance

6" Classic Valance + Surcharge
All six styles of fabric Roman shades may be ordered with a 6" Classic Valance.

  • The valance will hang off the front of the headrail.
  • The controls are easy to access on the front of the shade.
  • Contrasting color valances may be ordered.
  • Available with Contempo Scallops.

Scalloped Hem

Scalloped Valance + Surcharge
Contempo Scallops are available on the bottom of Soft Treatments Roman Shades or on a Classic Valance. The long point when on a valance is 8". Standard gimp is included with all Contempo Scallops.

Contempo Cornice Styles
Privacy Liner

Premium Rain Repellent Lining
is now standard at no additional charge on all Roman Shades.

Blackout Lining + Surcharge
is also an optional upgrade. When you order a fabric roman shade with blackout lining, you will receive a truly blackout shade - no pinholes!

Edge Accents

Edge Accents + Surcharge
Fabric Roman Shades may have a 2-1/2" wide fabric strip sewn to the edges and bottoms of the shade and valance. All of the fabric colors under the "Color" tab can be used for edge accents.

Decorative Trimmings

Decorative Trimmings + Surcharge
Decorative Trimmings (fringe, gimp, beads and tassels) are available as a beautiful accent across the bottom of the shade and/or valance.

  • The complete Decorative Trimmings collection is available here

Product Specifications

With the exception of the Top Down - Bottom Up hardware all others can be made up to 96" wide. However, most of the fabric rolls are between 48" to 55" wide and so to accommodate larger windows the fabric has to be seamed. The workroom will take special care in seaming but please note that SEAMS ARE VISIBLE.

To determine the location of the vertical seams is very simple. Lets assume that your window is 84" wide but the maximum width of the fabric is 48" - subtract 48" from 84" for 36" divided by 2 is 18" and this tells you that the vertical seams will be 18" in from the edge. The widest piece is always in the center.

Mounting Depths and Size Restrictions

Product/ Options: Standard Cordless-One Duo-Fold UpRight Lift
Minimum Width: 12" 18" 12" 12"
Maximum Width: 96" 96" 84" 96"
Minimum Height 12" 12" 12" 12"
Maximum Height. 108" 108" 108" 108"
Min. Shallow Mount 1/2" 3/4" 1/2" 1"
Min. Flush Mount < 60" Wide 2" 2" 2" 3"
Min. Flush Mount > 60" Wide 2" 2-/2" 2" 3"

Planning Guides

PDF Icon Fabric Composition The Fabric Composition Guide provides a list of all fabrics, the materials used to make the fabric and the maximum size that a shade can be built before the fabric must be seamed
PDF Icon Planning Guide To help make the planning process easier, this Planning Guide includes tips on measuring, available options, stacking heights and mounting depth requirements.
PDF Icon Decorative Trimmings This guide contains the different colors and styles of decorative trimmings that can be added to the bottom of the hem and valance.
PDF Icon Edge Accents Banding This guide contains all of the colors that are available for Edge Accents and Valance Ties. The file may load slowly because there are 361 soft treatment fabric colors. You can also view the soft treatment colors/fabrics under the "Colors" tab above.

Self Help

Please remember that this is a do-it-yourself site and that the products on it are custom-built to your specifications and cannot be returned for any reason other than warranty repair/service. If you have any questions or concerns please email us before you order and we'll help you in any way we can.