Premium Blackout Sliding Panels

Blackout and Room Darkening Sliding Panels are perfect for covering patio doors, sliding doors, large window expanses or even when used as a room divider. Sliding Panels offer cord or wand control and can be ordered as a one-way draw or split-draw. Our Sliding Panels do not come standard with a valance, but a 6" Valance can be ordered separately. If you have a window in the same room as the sliding panel that you wish to cover with the same fabric, we offer Premium Blackout Roller Shades that are made from the same fabrics.

Production Time: Approximately 7-9 Business Days
Delivery: 3-5 Business Days After Shipment

Available Colors

Fabric Group 1

Fabric Group 2

Fabric Group 3

Fabric Group 4

Fabric Group 5

Product Features


  • Cord Draw for traversing shade comes standard.
  • Clear Plastic Wand for traversing shade available at no charge.
  • Available as a One Way Draw or Split Draw (stacks on both ends).
  • Mounting Hardware & Install Screws are included.

Note: All room darkening / blackout shades have a white or off white backing with the following exceptions:

  • Sonant Blackout color Goldenrod is beige to the outside.
  • Wilderness blackout all colors are beige to the outside except Soft White which is white to the outside.
  • Balsa Blackout all colors are beige to the outside.
  • Eveningtide all colors are beige to the outside.
  • Sun Shield Buff, Bark and Suede is the same color outside as it is to the interior.

Product Options

Cord Traversed

Cord Tension Pulley
Cord traversed control used with the cord tensioner device supplied, eliminates the looping cord and ensures easy operation.

Wand Traversed

Baton (Wand) Draw
A color coordinated baton is attached to what is called the lead panel. Via a special track the lead panel controls the opening and closing of the entire blind.

Split Draw

Split Draw
You can choose to have all panels stack left, stack right or you can split the panels so that 1/2 stack on each side - this reduces mounting depth and allows for a more unobstructed view out.

Valance Options

Valance Options
Sliding Panels do not come standard with a valance. However, you can upgrade to a 6" valance for a small surcharge. You can also customize the valance by adding scallops.

Scalloped Valance

Scalloped Valance
You can add scallops to the valance or hem - scallops are available in 6 different styles and come standard with gimp or decorative trimming.

Contempo Cornice Styles

Product Specifications

PDF Icon Fabric Composition The Fabric Composition Guide provides a list of all fabrics, the materials used to make the fabric and whatever size restrictions that may exist.
PDF Icon Planning Guide To help make the planning process easier, this Planning Guide includes tips on measuring, available options, stacking heights and mounting depth requirements.

Self Help

Please remember that this is a do-it-yourself site and that the products on it are custom-built to your specifications and cannot be returned for any reason other than warranty repair/service. If you have any questions or concerns please email us before you order and we'll help you in any way we can.