Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are gaining great popularity because Shutters have a major and indisputable quality - they are versatile and can be used anywhere - in the kitchen, living room, bedroom and even the bathroom. In addition, they are very practical, beautiful, add value to your home, provide privacy and also keep the heat out. The major benefit of our shutters is that unlike our competitors, our shutters arrive factory assembled and are ready to go into the window after your order is delivered.

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Interior Plantation Shutters are classic in function and design. They are more like furniture than window treatments and can last for generations. There is quite a bit of flexibility when choosing and designing your shutter application. As you will see, you have many options to create whatever atmosphere you are looking for. Light control, privacy, and operation are all subjects you control. We are here to help you if you feel it is too complicated or just want to review things with us. By providing photos of your windows, we can virtually be in your home or office with you. Our thirty years of experience is available to you.

The list of important facets to consider when designing your shutter application is:

  • Where and how will they be mounted
  • Louver size desired
  • Panel configuration
  • Obstacles that could interfere
  • Stain or solid color
  • Frame type or no frame at all
There are other considerations, but this will get you started. Once your order is placed we will contact you to personally review things before we submit the order. We want everything to be as perfect as you expect and deserve.

Wood Plantation Shutters - Painted
This is by far the most popular type of natural wood shutter. The finish is incredible and durable. The wood is a North American hardwood that is light, fast growing, and strong. It is the best wood for painted shutters but due to coloration variables it is not recommended for stain finishes. Because it grows straighter and quicker than most hardwoods, it is the number one choice for painting.

Wood Plantation Shutters - Stained
The wood chosen for stained shutters is also North American that has a simple grain appearance and readily accepts stains. It is all natural and mostly knot free which helps prevent warping. It is light, sturdy, and fast growing which is wonderful for our ecology. In other words it is the best choice for stained shutters.

Faux Wood Plantation Shutters
Faux wood is a composite material which combines man-made materials with wood particles to provide a finished product that is stable, strong, and attractive. Because it is heavier than the wood shutter the size limitations are a factor to be considered. This material will not warp or rot and is not affected by moisture. The material is fire retardant, insect resistant, and antimicrobial. This makes faux wood a great choice for harsh environments.