Movable Arch Window Shades - Light Filtering

Movable Arch Window Shades offer an energy efficient solution for your arch top windows because of the patented honeycomb design that acts as a barrier in windows against drafts and air leaks. The movable arches use the same spring grip brackets as the horizontal shades to hold the stationary rail firmly in place and top clips to hold the fanned cellular material in place so it doesn't sag into the room. These are operable arches that can be built with the movable rail on the left or right side of the arch.

Production Time: Approximately 7-9 Business Days
Delivery: 3-5 Business Days After Shipment

Available Colors

3/8" Double Cell Light Filtering - Solids

1/2" Single Cell Light Filtering - Solid Colors

Product Features

You have 39 fashion friendly light filtering colors to choose from in 1/2" single cell or 3/8" double cell fabrics that block nearly 100% of UV rays while at the same time transforming the glaring sun into a gentle light. The high quality polyester honeycomb material is durable, dust resistant and backed by a Factory Direct Limited Lifetime Warranty.

NOTE: A perfect 1/2 circle is when the height is equal to 1/2 the width. Therefore, if your window has a width of 46" a perfect 1/2 circle would have a height of 23". Anything else would require a template.

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