Titanium Plus Retractable Outdoor Solar Shades

Outdoor Sun Shades help to keep your home and patio cooler during the hot summer months by preventing the sun from reaching your windows or your person while you're outside trying to enjoy the day. With Exterior Solar Shades you can significantly reduce solar heat gain and glare while at the same time continue to enjoy your view out. The fabric is breathable and so when it comes to your patio or deck, you can block the sun's infrared heat, but also enjoy whatever breeze there is.

Titanium Plus Outdoor Solar Shades feature high quality PVC coated polyester fabric, a 4' removable pole to operate the shade, a 3.25" x 3.75" 3-sided Valance for superior strength and a Wind Flex Bungee System to secure both sides of fabric for light wind conditions.

Production Time: Approximately 1-3 Business Days
Delivery: 3-5 Business Days After Shipment

Available Colors

Product Features


  • An aluminum Valance is included with all outdoor shades.
  • Valance measures 3.25" x 3.75".
  • Valance, bottom rail, hardware, and fabric color complement each other.
  • Valance is 3-sided for superior strength.


  • 4' pole (removable) operates ring on right side of the shade.
  • Ring can be moved to left side of the shade.
  • Additional pole sizes available (2' and 6').


  • High quality PVC coated polyester.
  • Fabric comes standard as a forward roll.
  • Heat and fire resistant for safety.
  • Maui: (28% Openness / 72% UV Block)
  • Tropic: (15% Openness / 85% UV Block)
  • Caribbean: (10% Openness / 90% UV Block)
  • Kona: (10% Openness / 90% UV Block)

Tie-Down System

  • Wind Flex Bungee System included to tie down the shade.
  • Bungee secures both sides of the fabric for light wind conditions.


  • Features easy install system.
  • Can easily be installed on a ceiling or wall.
  • Installation template included.
  • Brackets can be installed anywhere along length of Valance
Forward Roll
Valance Size


Window Crank

Window Crank

Bungee Tie-Down

Wind Flex Bungee System

Product Options

There are no upgrades available with the Titanium Plus Series but listed below are few of the standard components.

Crank Deployment
Crank and Pull Deployment
PVC Fabric
PVC Fabric
Wind-Flex Tie Down
Wind-Flex Tie Down

Custom Widths Now Available

NEW! For a small surcharge, the Titanium Series can now be custom cut to any size you need from 24" to 120" inches wide. The height is 96" and cannot be adjusted, However, you do not have to roll your shade down completely; excess fabric can remain rolled up inside the cassette enclosure.

To order the correct valance width, simply measure the area you want the fabric to cover and then add 2.125 (2-1/8") to the width e.g., if the fabric width you require is 56" + 2.125, the valance width would then become 58-1/8". At this point you should check to make sure that the mounting surface is wide enough for the new valance width.

On the ordering page - select the window the stock width under "Your Window Size" that is greater than, but closest to the new valance width. In the example above you would select 72". Then, under "Options and Upgrades" select "custom size" on the "Stock of Custom Size" drop-down menu and then 58-1/8" on the "Valance Width" drop-down. That's it - it's as easy as that.

Note: Custom cut-downs change the production time from 1-3 business to 5-7 business days.

Product Specifications

Finished Dimensions

The illustration above tells you how much mounting space is required for the size of shade you select as well as how much space the fabric will cover. Using the illustration first determine the size of the area you want the fabric to cover and then decide if you have enough flat mounting space in terms of the width required for the valance.

bronze valance

The hardware for all Titanium Plus shades, regardless of fabric color, is OIL RUBBED BRONZE Crank pole is also oil rubbed bronze.

All Titanium Plus shades include a 48" pole (with receiving ring on the right side of the shade).

wind flex bungee system

All Titanium Plus shades utilize our "wind flex bungee system" to secure the bottom of your shade. This system secures the bottom of your shade to prevent flapping during light wind conditions. The shade should be rolled up during moderate to extreme wind conditions.

Self Help

Please remember that this is a do-it-yourself site and that the products on it are custom-built to your specifications and cannot be returned for any reason other than warranty repair/service. If you have any questions or concerns please email us before you order and we'll help you in any way we can.