Color Disclaimer

Although the color scans on this web site were scanned with a very high quality scanner not all computer monitors are the same and do not necessarily display colors the same way. It is recommended that you have your video resolution adjusted to 1280 x 1024 or greater and your color depth set to 16 bit (high color) or 32 bit (true color). Most modern computers are capable of displaying 16.7 million colors at one time in 32 bit mode.

When color is critical, we recommend requesting color samples before placing your order. We guarantee your satisfaction with color only if samples are received prior to ordering.

No refund or product exchanges will be offered over color related complaints unless a swatch sample is ordered in advance. The only exception would be in the event you receive a completely different colored blind than you ordered e.g. you ordered a red blind but received a white blind instead.

Wood Blinds:
Stained real wood blinds may have natural variances in wood color, grain, etc. that cause dye lots to vary somewhat. Although these variances are minimal, it is not possible for us to ensure exact color replication with stained wood blinds. If you are ordering stained real wood blinds or certain fabric shades and want to insure an exact match of your color selection, we recommend ordering all blinds or shades for the same room at the same time so they are manufactured from the same dye lot.

Bamboo Blinds & Shades
There is no way to guarantee a dye-lot match between the sample you receive and the finished product. Samples are provided only to help you determine whether or not you'll want privacy liner and if you like the pattern. The sample you receive was likely cut months ago from a roll that likely no longer exists. While the pattern will be the same on the next roll in line at the factory - it will not exactly match the swatch sample and that is because there are too many factors outside of the control of the fabricator. Factors like when that bamboo was harvested, how it was harvested, the climate when harvested and the age of the bamboo when harvested, all impact how the material will absorb the paint or stain. Depending on harvesting time and conditions, the color of the bamboo can vary from light green to yellow to tan. Green bamboo should gradually turn into a more yellow/tan color with time. If you are ordering bamboo shades, be sure to purchase all your shades at the same time so they are manufactured from the same roll.

Ordering Samples
5 FREE samples are available for all products featured on this website. To order, simply visit the product page of the product you're interested in and below the colors you want free samples of, click "Free Sample". Fill out the ship-to information, click "send" and you're all set. Your order will be filled and shipped out within 24-hours, not including weekends or holidays.