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Child Safe Roller Shades

Risks associated with corded window coverings

Children can become entangled in window blind cords, which can quickly lead to strangulation and even death.

Strangulation can occur when a child:

  • sticks his head in the cord loop;
  • wraps a long cord around his neck;
  • pulls out the inner cords, causing a strangulation hazard.

You can reduce the risk of serious injury by…

  • Never place a crib, bed, playpen or furniture that children can climb near a window where a child could reach a cord.
  • Securely attach to the wall voltage devices supplied with window coverings to prevent children from wrapping a cord around the neck.
  • Install the wall hook or fastener at a height that will keep the lift cords out of reach of children.
  • Observe the manufacturer’s instructions and read all warnings.

Spring Roller Shades ARE Child Safe!

Spring Roller Shades

Spring Roller Shades
The Spring Roller Shade is the safest type of window covering on the market because it doesn’t use cords for anything. The fabric is wrapped around a hollow aluminum tube that covers a coiled spring. On one end of the coiled spring there is a sprocket with a pin that holds the tension. On the opposite end is a free turning flat pin that mounts into the bracket.

To operate the shade all you do is give a gentle tug on the hem bar and hold it until you reach the desired position – then release. There’s no small parts to choke on, no cords and so if you’re looking for a 100% child-safe window covering the spring roller shade is it.

clutch roller shades

Clutch Roller Shades
For larger shades the spring roller shade struggles against the weight and so we do offer a clutch lift system that features a continuous looping beaded chain. To eliminate the loop the vendor will supply a cord tensioner (circled left). This keeps the cord taut and prevents children from wrapping the cord around their neck thereby significantly reducing the risk of strangulation. The tensioner also improves the shade’s performance and so even if you don’t have small children or pets you should still install it.

To operate, gently pull down on the front cord to lower the shade and when you want to raise the shade – pull down on the back cord.

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