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Woodwinds® 2" Alloy Blinds - Flat Slats

Our Wood Alloy Blinds are made from a highly engineered, high performance proprietary material; specifically developed to stand up to damp or high humidity environments and applications with high heat or direct UV exposure. Composite wood blinds outperform other wood blinds in harsh environments and the material is guaranteed not to chip, crack, warp, bow*, fade or discolor for life, or we will replace the blinds or refund your money, guaranteed. All Wood Alloy Blinds come with a crown valance to conceal the headrail. The valances are color matched to the slats. The crown valance is 3" high with two standard 3" returns.

Production Time: Approximately 7-9 Business Days
Delivery: 3-5 Business Days After Shipment

Available Colors

2" Flat White Finishes

2" Woodtone Finishes

Product Features

Made from Recycled Materials

Polymer coating resists scratching, chipping, peeling and cracking. Withstands direct sunlight without drying, cracking or chipping.

Consistent Finish and Color
UV Stable colors will stay true year after year. Available in white, off-whites and wood tones.

Tree and Environmentally Friendly
Woodwinds require less wood to manufacture than conventional wood blinds. By using readily available wood industry by-products, Woodwinds preserves precious natural resources.

Flat Slats

Flat Slats

Bottom Rail Styles
Choice of either the Traditional rectangular or the contemporary Trapezoidal styles.

All slats are polymer coated to repel dirt and dust. This coating allows the slats to stay cleaner longer.

Scratch Resistant
Woodwinds slats are coated with a scratch resistant polymer so your blinds will look beautiful for a lifetime.

Trapezoid Bottom-Rail

Trapezoid Bottom-Rail

Easy to Clean
Slats are dust resistant, but blinds are washable if necessary. Woodwinds can be completely submerged if necessary for cleaning.

A Choice of Valances
Elegant Crown Valance for traditional home, or the simple lines of the Classic valance styles.

Limited Lifetime Warranty
A commitment to your satisfaction.

Crown Valance

Crown Valance

*Some temporary bowing may occur in extreme high heat environments but slats will return to their original shape when temperature is reduced to normal. Acceptable bowing will not exceed published tolerances.

*Some temporary bowing may occur in extreme high heat environments but slats will return to their original shape when temperature is reduced to normal. Acceptable bowing will not exceed published tolerances.

Product Options

Wand Tilt Left - Cord Lift Right

Wand-Tilt (standard)
Wand-Tilt is standard on all of our Horizontal Blinds. Cord tilt is available at no charge. Standard controls are wand-tilt left and lift-cord right. Wand lengths up to 48" are color coordinated with slats while lengths greater than 48" are clear plastic.

Decorative Cloth Tape

Decorative Cloth Tape
Cloth tapes are made from a polyester and cotton blends which resist fading and shrinking. The decorative tape is only applied to the ladder on the front of the blind. The solid tape color will be visible on the back of the blind.

Routeless (no holes) Privacy Feature

Routeless Blinds are notched at the back of each slat taking the place of the standard rout holes. This allows for a sleeker look and tighter slat closure. The slats then rest on rungs of the ladder-braid.

2-on-1 Headrail

2-on-1 Headrail
In wider than average windows - weight is a huge concern because of the limitations on the lift mechanism. As a result, 2 blinds can be put on 1 headrail with a single "common" valance or with each having its own individual valance. Both blinds would operate independently with their own set of controls.

Product Specifications

2" Wood Alloy Blind Specifications

Product/Hardware Standard Blind 2-on-1 Standard Blind 3-on-1 Standard Blind
Minimum Width: 14" 30" 45"
Maximum Width: 96" 120" 120"
Minimum Height: 12" 12" 12"
Maximum Height: 120" 120" 120"
Minimum Inside Mounting Depth: 5/8" 5/8" 5/8"
Minimum IM Flush Mounting Depth 3-1/4" 3-1/4" 3-1/4"
Minimum Outside Mount Surface Area 3/4" 3/4" 3/4"

Stacking Height:

Stack height refers to the thickness of the slat stack once the blind has been completely raised. These measurements include the head and bottom rails.

Product/Height 48" 72" 84" 96"
Allow Wood Blind 7-1/2" 10" 11-3/4" 13-3/8"

DIY Guides

Please remember that this is a do-it-yourself site and that the products on it are custom-built to your specifications and cannot be returned for any reason other than warranty repair/service. If you have any questions or concerns please email us before you order and we'll help you in any way we can.