Deluxe 2" Faux Wood Blinds

Enjoy the look of wood without the cost! Made from a composite of man-made materials combined with basswood wood particles, our 2" Faux Wood blinds offer the appearance of wood, are more durable than wood and yet cost much less. While not flame resistant, our Faux Wood Blinds are heat, moisture and warp resistant, as a result, it's the perfect blind for high humidity areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Production Time: Approximately 5-7 Business Days
Delivery: 3-5 Business Days After Shipment

Available Colors

2" Shades of White / Woodtones

2" Simulated Real Grain Finishes

Product Features

  • Faux Wood Blinds are heavier and less rigid than wood blinds. Composite wood slats, bottom rails, and valances can be as much as 60% heavier than real wood.
  • The bottom-rail, cord-tassels, slats and valance are color coordinated to match.
  • Comes standard with a 3-1/4" Royal Crown Valance.
  • Cord-Tilt is Standard Wand-Tilt available at no charge.
  • Color Coordinated Components.

Product Options

Cord Tilt

Tilt Control
The tilt mechanism controls the angle of the slats. A cord tilt control is standard on most horizontal blinds. The cord tilt consists of 2 separate pull cords with tassels. Wand tilt controls the blind by twisting the wand to open and close the slats.


Routeless Privacy Feature
The "Routeless" option (no charge) moves the route holes from the center of the slats to the back of the slats. This option prevents additional sunlight from streaming in when the slats are in the closed position.

Cloth Tape

Decorative Cloth Tape
An upgrade option in place of the standard braided cord ladders on horizontal blinds. These 1-1/2" cloth tapes come in an assortment of colors.

2-on-1 Headrail

2-on-1 Headrail
In wider than average windows - weight is a huge concern because of the limitations on the lift mechanism. As a result, 2 blinds can be put on 1 headrail with a single "common" valance or with each having its own individual valance. Both blinds would operate independently with their own set of controls.

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

  • Inside Mount: Headrail and Slats will measure ordered width minus 1/2".
  • Outside Mount: Headrail and slats will measure ordered width.
  • Blinds between 11-1/8" - 15" must have split controls.
  • Blinds 11" wide or below will have a center tilt only, no lift control.
  • Two or Three Blinds on one headrail will be a 1/8" apart.
  • 2 on 1 headrail is recommended for blinds over 72" wide.

Size Restrictions & Mounting Depth Requirements

Product/Hardware Standard Blind
Minimum Width: 8"
Maximum Width: 120"
Minimum Height: 10"
Maximum Height: 120"
Minimum Inside Mounting Depth: 1-1/8"
Minimum IM Flush Mounting Depth 3"
Minimum Outside Mount Surface Area 2-1/4"

Factory Deductions

  Headrail Slats Valance
Inside Mount -1/2" -1/2" -1/8"
Outside Mount None None +1-1/2"

Self Help

Please remember that this is a do-it-yourself site and that the products on it are custom-built to your specifications and cannot be returned for any reason other than warranty repair/service. If you have any questions or concerns please email us before you order and we'll help you in any way we can.