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We have been an Online Retailer since 2000 and the industry has changed quite a lot for two reasons: (1) the economy and (2) cheap imports. Before 2008, the key to being successful was achieving a first-page ranking on any search engine for any of the major brands, e.g., Comfortex®, Hunter Douglas®, Horizons®, Bali®, Graber®, Levolor®, Kirsch®, and so on. After 2008, American-made and Brand Name no longer mattered as much when it came to shopping online - instead, customers looking for a cellular shade wanted it cheap and fast.

While these changes were occurring, Brand Name Manufacturer's turned back to their older base - the local Brick and Mortar and Shop-at-Home Designer, who for a long time struggled to make things work because they couldn't compete with the volume and pricing that online sales offered. With this change in focus, most of the top manufacturers in the industry have stopped allowing their brands (not products) to be sold online. However, not wanting to entirely close the door to the sheer volume Online Retailers generate, they went about creating private label programs - different color names, different pictures and different box content but everything else remained the same in terms of where the products were made and the type of warranty offered.

Changing to private label meant that the major manufacturers could preserve their brands for local brick and mortar stores and shop-at-home designers. At the same time, because we're no longer paying for the brand name, it gives Online Retailers the opportunity to sell brand name quality at a price that allows us to compete with cheap imports. It's a win for everyone - the manufacturers, the local retailers, the online retailers, and customers regardless of how they choose to shop.